Free License with Attribution

You must CREDIT our free templates

We create free content on a daily basis. It takes a lot of resources and your help would be highly appreciated. Please, put a link to the templates from our website utilized in the projects.

How to do this?

If you have used any of our plugin for your wordpress project, just link back to the plugin or to our website.

Attribution in printed materials: There should be a small caption “by PlUGIN ADDA ”.

Feel free to use our PLUGINS:

– For both personal and commercial projects with modification and changes allowed, with an attribution link to paritcular developer.
– In a website or presentation plugins with an attribution link to PlUGIN ADDA .

You are not allowed to:

Redistribute SOURCE FILES of our plugins, even in a modified form. For example, you have downloaded a plugin, modified it, redistributed and have been selling on any other platfrom or on your website. It’s strongly prohibited! Or, you have downloaded our plugin, redistributed SOURCE FILES on your website with an offer to download them for free. It’s also prohibited.

For bloggers and authors:

If you want to use our preview images in your collections and articles, we greatly appreciate this, but remember to link back to us.